Music as a global language allows me to build interracial and intercultural connections with people. I seek to express emotions with my musical knowledge, intuition and gestures that cross the barrier of spoken languages. Music saddens; music enlightens; music cheers and music moves; music is a journey, so I wish to unwind listeners’ imagination and take them on an adventure. With the help of professional artists in various fields such as live interactive media, filmmakers, animators, painters, story tellers and game designers, my music has been elevated to another level that intertwines with visual impact. Stimulation from two dimensions not only amplifies the narrative of my storytelling, but also provides more powerful moments to grab the listeners by their hearts.

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Inquiries about film, animation, game, commercial and other multimedia scores, piano related work, conducting, arrangement, orchestration, music preparation and any other questions, please fill out the form to reach me.

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Email: cschang.composer@gmail.com